About SOL Food Kitchen

The SOL Food Kitchen was created in 2010 as a vehicle for education,  getting the word out about the SOL Food Festival, raising funds for the event, and serving delicious, Seasonal, Organic, and Local food to the community at public events.


SFK has participated in the SOL Food Festival, Earth Day, Solstice, and Lucidity Festivals, as well as a number of smaller private events and has come to be seen as a beacon of high integrity delicious food at these events.  A place where people can trust the food and where it comes from.


We, at SFK, have a very high commitment to sourcing all our produce, grains, meats, and dairy from our local farmers, and if it is unavailable locally (Santa Barbara County) we source the item from the next closest, or most sustainably grown source.  It is not always the easiest route but it is in alignment with our mission.


 Have an event, gathering, or party that you would like the SOL Food Kitchen to prepare a feast for? We would be honored to serve you! 

 Contact Alison Hensley at  info@solfoodfestival.com.